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This pool expired without reaching its target in time.

Earthquake /Tornado "HAT"- Chip IN, Let's ALL Protect Lives

Pool closes on Tuesday, April 9, 2013    ·    by Cynthia Bugsey
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 This is a project that was innovated in Manila it was started by two friends- one in Manila and one in the USA. It's a portable headgear made out of space beads to make sure that your head is protected during tornadoes and earthquakes. Studies show that 60% of those who are victims of tornadoes and earthquakes die because of head trauma - this innovation is unique in the sense that it's light, you may even use it as a pillow in an evacuation center and it the quake is strong and you have to roll along with it - your head can hit the wall BUT you're protected. 

 Am I out to save the world from earthquakes? No. This gear I've come up with can protect you but it does not guarantee that you would not be harmed. It simply gives your head, brain and spine the better chance of not being damaged. You can still be some genius in a wheelchair after surviving the quake, but that is if you happen to be a genius before the quake occurred. Okay? So no magic being promised by this portable thingy you can carry anywhere. It won't make you superman, bionic and neither will it give you the power to rocket off the earth when an earthquake happens.

Will it add to your chances of surviving a quake? Yes. Would it make you less afraid? I don't know but it would make sure you were more protected than the rest. How you react to that is your your problem (or solution). I am not psychic so I can't promise to take away your fear -- but I can promise it will protect you when things start to fall or your building starts to crumble.

 If you happen to have won the lottery and you come across this page then that could be a cosmic sign that you should get to know me better. If you're someone like Bill Gates, Oprah or Mark Zuckerberg, I will ask you for just a million or two -- something you can deduct from your tax returns.

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This has been featured already by ABS-CBN Philippines. Please see video below. 

Swak - ABS-CBN Earthquake Gear - YouTube

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