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Help bring Dorrie to Atlas! $1,500 for expenses.

Pool closes on Friday, April 20, 2012    ·    by Tyler Shaw
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Dorrie Sharcott, our host in Prince George, has had a profound influence on Texas 4000 over the years. She graciously hosts both the Rockies and Sierra routes into her home.  Her dedication circles are some of the most emotional of many of the rider’s entire Texas 4000 experience. The Rockies route gets to spend an amazing rest day with her where she provides many luxuries. She also has provided some pretty awesome hair-cuts for many of the riders. Let us show our appreciation to her by helping her (SECRETLY) get to ATLAS.  Her financial concerns prevent her from coming. Her expenses would be around 800 for airfare if we find a great deal, hotel fees if we cannot find hosts, and food etc.  In all totals could exceed 1,500 or 2,000 dollars. Please keep this a secret from her!