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Maximize Your Social Capital. Start Accepting Group Payments today!

Integrating our payment button in the product pages of your website, allows customers to create a "Pool" for any product or service, and invite their friends using facebook connect, twitter and email to contribute.

The branded white-label solution blends seamlessly with your site and creates an online social environment where friends can enjoy paying together.

As a Merchant, you’ll have access to our Self Service Platform to monitor how friendfund is working to generate you more business.

  • •   Login to see all current & successful Pools
  • •   See how your social network exposure is exponentially increasing
  • •   See which Pool invitees go on to create Pools themselves

Key advantages to a “friendfund it!” white-label solution:

Drive sales with social payments.

Increase the visibility of your brand and products on facebook and twitter. Every pool reaches out to social networks, with events, wall posts and tweets about you and your products.

Sharing costs online leads to higher value sales.

friendfund enables friends split the bill so you can sell more expensive items more often.

Social media driven market research.

Once friendfund has been integrated into your website you can access social network demographics and analytics of who your products are selling to.

Choose the order fullfillment that suits your needs

Using Coupon Codes

By providing us with coupon codes for each completed Pool, the customer will complete the sale on your website, going through the checkout process as normal.

  • •   Just enter the coupon codes for each completed Pool in the Merchant Self Service Platform.
  • •   This triggers automated transfers for Pool totals direct to your designated merchant account.
  • •   The customer receives a personalised eCard with the coupon code attached.
Merchant Order Completion

Receive and process orders using your current order fulfillment solution. We send you all the information you need to get your products shipped out fast.

  • •   Automatic email notification of completed Pools.
  • •   We provide customer name, contact details, product details and the delivery address.
  • •   Weekly or monthly invoicing, whichever best suits your business needs.

Get Involved

No setup or monthly fees, performance based, discover new customers whilst making sales.

To start accepting your first group payment today or find out more about our competitive pricing structure, please contact

friendfund makes it simple for friends to pay together online!